BANGOLI CUISINE



The cuisine of Bengol is as rich and distinct as the state itself. The rule of nawabs has deeply influenced Bengali food which is a combination of subtle and fiery flavours. West Bengol is famously known as the as the land of maach and bhaat.

A much loved local delicacy in Bengol is an oily fish known as hilsa or llish. The tenderness of the flesh, unique taste and silvery appeal make it the queen of fish. In fact, hilsa holds great cultural importance in Bengol and a pair of hilsa fish is usually bought on auspicious occasions.

Bengolis are fond of fish as they are of sweet. There are more sweet shops in Bengal than there are grocery stores. Bengali rasogollas and sandesh has become a pride and heritage for all Bengolis.

Bengoli dishes


Add shugar and water to a wide pan or pot brings it to a boil. Knead the cheese well to make it smooth dough. To the boiling sugar syrup add cardamom powder and rose water. Let the sugar syrup boil; add the balls one after the other gently. Cover the pot with a lid and cook for 10minutes on a medium high flame.


Chingri diye bhendi

Okra being very slimy vegetables, it’s always better to wash and then cut the okra. If you do it the other way, the okra will be slimier making the gravy very gooey. Fry the okra first and then put it in the curry.


Bengoli style meatballs

In place of chicken you can also used ground beef or mutton. Baked the meatballs to avoid using too much oil. You can also just deep fry the meatballs. In place of egg in the meatballs you can also coat the meatballs with a mixture of a tablespoon corn starch and ¼ cup water.

Chingri bhorta

This recipe is so easy to prepare, that it makes a good side dish for week night dinners. If you don’t have a grinder or the pulse mode in your grinder, just chop the shrimps coarsely with a chef’s knife.

Gurer payesh

Mixing ghee before adding the rice to milk lets the rice stay separated. Always test the jiggery by mixing it with little milk before adding it to the payesh. At times the jiggery chumps the milk, making the payesh a clumpy mess.


Veg recipes in Bengoli cuisine

Kacha moog dal

When cooking any type of dal its better to add the salt when the dal is properly cooked, salt slows down the cooking process. If you are in a hurry, you can add the edible soda to cook the dal quickly. Moog dal can also be roasted before boiling it gives an added flavor and texture to the dal but roasted moog dal is harder to digest than the non-roasted version.

Bengoli matar kachori

Bengoli matar kachori or motor shutir kochuri is one new dish that we have got addicted to after luchi, aloor dum and cholar dal. Not only I enjoyed making quite a number of Bengoli recipes this year, but also feasting on them. So these recipes have become a regular in my kitchen.

Begun bhaja recipe


Baingan bhaja also known as begun bhaja are pan fried or shallow fried marinated slices of aborigines. Begun bhaja is a Bengoli dish and there are a lot of variations to this recipe.

Cholar dal recipe

Cholar dal is a festive dal that is often made for celebrations in Bengol and this includes the durga pooja celebrations. Just like dal makhani is part of every Punjabi wedding or celebration, similarly cholar dal is made for special occasions like wedding, festival or a special.

Bengoli moog dal khichadi


Bhaja mugger dal or moog dal khichuri is always made during durga puja festival. This khichadi is served as bhog to ma durga along with some other Bengoli delicacies. The khichadi has an addition of mixed vegetables that we generally add to pulao like cauliflower, green peas, potatoes, carrots etc.

Luchi recipe

Luchi is made by many foodies. To enjoy luchi you have to be a real foodie otherwise the idea of pooris made with all purpose flour and deep fried in ghee will always be at the back of your mind and you won’t be able to enjoy these.

Aloo posto



Traditional bengoli recipe of potatoes in a lightly spiced poppy seeds paste. Of course aloo mean potatoes and posto means poppy seeds in bengoli language. Aloo posto is one of my comfort food with rice.

Kolkata style veg biryani:



A light and flavorful version of biryani from the Bengoli cuisine.


Best Bengoli recipe ideas


Mulo saag bhaja

Bhapaa aloo

Sorsebata ilish mach

Doi maach



Chor chori


Sweet potato gulab jamun


Orange kheer

Mango chutney


Conclusion: Bengoli cuisine is a blend of sweet and spicy flavours. Bengoli curries apart are the distinctive flavours of mustard oil, poppy seeds and turmeric with sweet undertones that warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and mace impart. The robust fish curries and the sinful Bengoli sweets easily steal the spotlight. The cuisine of Bengol is as rich and distinct as the state itself.

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