Best Ways To Drive Traffic On Blogs..


For a blog traffic is important as its keeps the blog alive and makes huge impact of Sites Ranking,

as most important the logical Concept–More Traffic translating to More Money!!

If you are posting very unique and useful contents on your blog, but nobody is there to read your post, then all your efforts done for writing post gone waste. Let’s look at how can one get more Traffic. Some Bloggers struggle initially to create a buzz and translate into traffic.

If you are also one of them and facing problems to get relevant traffic for your blog, then below is the best solution for your problem. Hope,it helps you after reading this post fully.

Step-1: Start writing unique and Quality post.Content is KING!!

Always, what Visitors look for is a solution or information related to a problem. For a minute, think as if you have a problem and you are searching to solve it with help of information on Internet. The bottomline is and always will be CONTENT..So, your blog thrives with content and popularity follows suit.

Step-2: Increase the SEO rating  of the page with more common Search Words.

Then, here after always do On-Page SEO while writing your post. Use, Yoast SEO for getting Search Words. Use Google Trends to identify popularity of Keywords.

Step-3: After making post, you should do Off-page SEO. 

In short,Off-page SEO is the act of optimizing your brand’s online and offline footprint through the use of content, relationships, and links to create an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawl bots. It typically leads to gradual increases in positive brand mentions, search rankings, traffic to your site, and conversions.

Read more about Off-Page SEO here by

Step-4: Commenting on Other Blogs.

The next thing is to start Commenting on other blogs which are about the same niche,relevant discussion. Here i used niche word for category of blog. It can also be done for building backlinks.Avoid commenting on a less popular blog or a discussion which is close-ended or not so popular.

Step-5: Forums for Backlinks.

Next is to participate in Forums. Look for discussion where you can provide solutions to your target group and create a group of visitors to your blog. Now, for getting repeat visitors, content is the key..Please revisit Step-1

Step- 6:  Share your post in Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Now, Social Media is a mega-sharing platform for creating viewership and popularity.

Step-7: Use #hashtag# in your social sharing.

Example, ‘Tested ways to drive traffic on blogs’ can be written as ‘Tested #ways to drive #traffic on #blogs’.
Step-8:According to my personal experience I would like to recommend using Stumbleupon for getting fast and quality traffic. Simply Signup Stumbleupon and use open this link ( to submit your post. After posting you will get traffic instantly. Never do spam by using stumbleupon.
Step-9. Do guest post on other blogs. Guest post means you should write articles for other blogs which are related with yours and ask owner to for backlink. You can also write for us and we will give you do-follow backlink. To write please visit Write For Us Page.
Step-10. Optimize your blog with SEO to get organic traffic. Use YOAST or ALL-IN-SEO pack for wordpress.
Step-11. Use ‘Top’, ‘Top 10 posts’, ‘101 ways’ in your post title.
Attractive Title full of Keywords and one more thing if you are using 101 ways then you must write 101 ways, otherwise your readers can’t believe on you for your future posts.
Step-12. Write articles which are mostly searched in google. Analyse Google with Keywords.
Step-13. Never try to do Black Hat SEO for blogs. It may harm your blog.
Step-14. Don’t write to attract readers only, you must write to help and give your readers useful information and knowledge.
Check for Updates in my future post.Till then Stay Connected!!
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