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Breakfast is indeed a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.

In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast people can get irritable, results and tried.

Breakfast should absolutely be a part of your daily routine. Many health professionals say eating in the morning is one of the best ways to manage or even lose, weight.

Who eat breakfast are better off than those who skip it, as they typically consume more vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients that keep our bodies functioning properly. However, eating the right foods can give you energy and prevent you from eating too much during the rest of the day.

Healthy breakfast


Eggs are undeniably healthy and delicious. eating eggs at breakfast increases feelings off fullness, reduces calorie intake at the next meal and helps maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels.

Eggs eaten as part of a balanced breakfast will keep you full all morning long and supply more than a dozen essential nutrients. Eggs are also very versatile.

For example: hard – boiled eggs make a great portable breakfast that can be prepared ahead of time.


yogurt is creamy, delicious and nourishing. Yogurt is packed with filling protein and calcium. It is made by straining whey and other liquid from the curds, which produce a creamier yogurt that is more concentrated in protein. Protein has been shown to reduce feeling hunger, and has a higher effect than fat or carbs. Yogurt and other dairy products can also help with weight control, because they increase levels of hormones that promote fullness. Full-fat yogurt also contains conjugated linoleum acid, which may increase fat loss and increase breast cancer risk. Yogurt is high in protein, helps reduce appetite and may aid with weight loss. Certain types also contain beneficial probiotics.


coffee is an amazing beverage to start your day. It is high in caffeine, which has been shown to improve mood, alertness and mental performance. This is roughly 0.3 to 4 cups of coffee per day depending on how strong it is. Caffeine has also been shown to increase metabolic rate and fat burning. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, which reduce inflammation, protect the cells lining your blood vessels and decrease diabetes and liver disease risk.

Green tea:

green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. If contains caffeine,
which improves alertness and mood, along with raising metabolic rate. Green tea provides only 35-70 mg of caffeine per cup, which is about half the amount in coffee. Green tea may be especially helpful against diabetes. A review of 17 studies found that green tea drinkers had reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels. Which may protect the brain, nervous system and heart from damage.

Protein shake:

another great way start your day is with a protein shake or smoothie. Several types of protein powder can be used, including whey, egg, soy and pea protein. However, whey protein is absorbed the most quickly by your body. It has also been studied the most, and provides several health benefits. One study compare four high-protein meals. They whey protein meal reduce appetite the most led to the lowest calorie intake at the next meal. Type of protein powder used, a high – protein shake can be satisfying and filling. Add fruit, greens, nut butter or seeds to provide fiber and antioxidants.

fruit can be a delicious part of a nourishing breakfast. All types of nourishing breakfast. All type of fruit contains vitamins, potassium, and fiber and is relatively low in calories. One cup of chopped fruit provides about 80-130 calories, depending on type. Fruit is also very filling, due to its high fiber and water content.

nuts are tasty, satisfying and nutritious. They are great addition to breakfast because they are filling and help prevent weight gain. Even though nuts are high in calories, studies suggest you do not absorb all of the fat in them. In fact your body only absorbs about 129 calories from a 28-gram serving of almonds. Nuts have been shown to improve heart disease risk factors, reduce insulin resistance and decrease inflammation.

Chia seeds

chia seeds are extremely nutritious. They are also one of the best sources of fiber around. Viscous fiber absorbs water, which increases the volume of food moving though your digestive track and helps you feel full and satisfied. In small study people with diabetes who ate chia seeds for 12 weeks experienced reduce hunger, along with improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure. Chia seeds are also high in antioxidants. They protect your cells from unstable molecules called free radicals, which are produced during metabolism.

Whether or not you eat breakfast is a personal choice.
If you do eat in the morning, make sure to start your day off right by fueling your body with these healthy and nutrient- dense foods.

Breakfast fast around world
There is nothing like a big fat home-style breakfast. Whether it’s a nice sit-down meal, on-the-go grub, eggs-for-sure, to toast we cook up our very own breakfast norms. As you walk across geographical boundaries, the breakfast table has something new to offer.

Full English breakfast

An old school fry up complete with bacon, sausages, baked beans, buttered toasts, tomatoes and fried mushrooms.
Italian mama mia

A steaming cuppa caffe e latte or cappuccino says it all. Bread roll, biscotti, pastries and fresh fruits also adom the breakfast table. Cappuccino e cornetto is a typical café breakfast a sweet croissant dipped in coffee is the norm.
Macho Australian

Every Australian can vouch for the epic taste of vegemite. This dark brown sandwich spread can turn around any meal.

Fluffy blueberry pancakes dressed with maple syrup and bacon rashers on the side are all the rage. French chefs are croissant connoisseurs. Buttered, chocolate or jam filled , cinnamon scented cheesy, studded with nuts and many more.

The traditional Japanese breakfast platter speck of their love for precision. A well rounded spread with steamed nice, miso soup, pickles (tsukemono and umeboshi), raw egg poured over rice, sheets of dried seaweed called nori, grilled fish and not to miss the Japanese green tea.

German all the way

A legendary variety of local cheese, cold cuts like ham and salami, eggs, jams or marmalade and bread that’s a german breakfast buffet for you. For all those committed carnivores, the bratwurst sausages made with veal, pork or beef come close to heaven.

Israel – a princely affaire
With an Israeli breakfast you’ll discover variety like never before. Surprisingly simple flavors come together to make a lavish meat that can last you the whole day. Mediterranean dips, Israeli vegetable salad, labane and of course shakshuka highlight the menu. Shakshuka is a delicate dish of eggs poached in a fierce tomato sauce, served with rustic breads to mop up the flavors.

The legendary Parsi meal

Paris will tell you – “when in doubt, break an egg” have garnered quite a reputation as a preferred breakfast ingredient with classic recipes like akuri and Sali par eddo that render the old world charm. A hot cup of tea with bun maska is some of the simplest pleasures in life.

Breakfast bliss in Brazil

Morning larks in brazil whip up a simple spread with meats especially ham, cheese, jams, buns, grilled sandwiches and cakes.
A Mexican meal will change the way you look at breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs, nachos & refried beans, ranch-style fried eggs, braised meats, Mexican sausages, chilaquiles.

Yalla! Egypt

The glory of an eclectic Egyptian breakfast will compel you to rise and shine. Full medames is the quintessential morning meal in Egypt and Sudan which is made with mashed fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, coriander and time.

The lively breakfast bowl is rounded out with boiled eggs, fresh veggies and tahini sauce.

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