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The good thing about motor insurance is that if you are not happy with your current insurer, you can change it around the time of existing policy expiry date without losing No Claim Bonus (NCB) and without any additional documentation unlike, health insurance portability where a good amount of documentation is required with higher processing time.

Drivers look set to benefit from a smaller-than-expected rise in car insurance after Ministers unveiled an overhaul of injury compensation rules yesterday.Price comparison website said the average premium has jumped by nearly 40 per cent to £739 in the past three years.


 Facts about car insurance:

The law mandates all car owners to have insurance cover for their Insurance cover is a sure-shot way to keep in those of the covered  against liabilities and risks. Of to take in the required to the vehicle insurance. The covered in case of a mishappening. To that the various fact of the car insurance policies

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 Liabilities and Risk Coverage:


The actual coverage may vary from product to product  in those to take in a However, most of the car insurance policies address the following aspects: the liabilities bodily damage that is caused by the policyholder to others or his/her family members when someone else’s car with their permission. The liabilities toward property damage is to such as another person’s car is covered under  this head. the toward of many charge in the medical cost incurred due to an accident for the policyholder and the passengers in the head. The underinsured motorist and coverage In case negligent driver to the insufficient insurance of the property damage compensated for.

 Coverage facts:


The menially to the many insurance is to the in a freebies of the additional features is to take in the rider charges. Some of these are under this follows:

 Wear and Tear–


the value to the depreciated to the each year value of the car –parts is to take in the cover of the damaged part before reimbursement.

Roadside Assistance–


A 24*7 help service in case of breakdown, tyre puncture etc.

 Extended Accident Cover –


Personal accident cover for the owner, in case he/she has a driving license of the motor car insurance.

 Mechanical or electrical breakdowns—

An engine protector coverage for all that the accidental damages.

 Limited Liability

The depreciated of to this in a  coverage of the reimbursement of the original cost of the car,in case of totally loss and non depreciate value, subject to a maximum of two years from registration date.

 Additional Geographic Extension—


the car insurance it can be extend beyond India to areas like other countries of that the recovering sub contained and even Maldives of the cover in the motor car insurance in the extension of the polices.


Pitfalls  in car insurance:


The different level of car insurance than the under this follows:


1.Third party


The insurance cover in those making of the third party of to take in a positions of the motor car insurance. The around in those of the other people third party coverage but not you legally have in the third party insurance. the coverage of If you injure is someone or damage their property stolen to pay for the loss yourself don’t assume it’s cheapest. Strangely enough, you can sometimes get more cover for less money, so always check of the third party possibly, you can’t get decently-priced comprehensive insurance. the insurance covers damages due to third party any legal liability in case of any accident caused by the care and the usually cover by the included in this insurance. The included of the liability and injury or damage to property of passenger, pedestrians, occupants  of other vehicles and outsiders.of the third party insurance.



The highest level of coverage in the third party of fire and theft to take in a covers of if you damage own car ,even the accident was you fault of the highest level. Plus, if necessary, you might legally be able to drive other people’s cars have their permission-but usually third party coverage if u damage the car you’re driving. Details carefully on this they’re different check your policy. the insurance of very important to know of the pitfalls of the car insurance policy.

3.Third party , fire and theft–

the third party ,fire and theft covers other than people. the different is that  does not the replacement of stolen or damaged by fire. The Like third party insurance. , third party ,fire and theft isn’t always cheaper than fully comprehensive  cover  than always compare prices. That respect to the likely in the own of damage, pay of yourself in the third party , fire and theft.

 Choosing the best insurance:


Insurance Company-

Like we said, there are insurance providers out there. To take in a However, while all these companies offer almost similar policies, one needs to ascertain  a things before choosing the insurance company. Need to look into the following factors-

  • Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Time Required to process Claims
  • Customer Reviews

    1.Finding the best car insurance for you—


The car insurance premiums on the save of money , but on the event of a car accident or theft or vandalism, u will be left totally unprotected without the shield of insurance. The most completed ones as compared to health or home insurance as external of attached with the claims of the car insurances that can be provide to be very tricky ascertain. of to those the finding insurance. Thus, it is very important to know some of the very common pitfalls of the car insurance policy. That can help you to some of the point are avoid these pitfalls of car insurance.  You will be better to them in the buying and auto insurance policy. To actually get the benefit in the times of need, no matter how unfortunate. The several times in case of  use in an accident for damages.

2.Split Limit Liability


The split limit liability insurance will have fixed amounts for property damage, bodily injury per person in each accident. To those in this sometime cheaper car insurance policies also system in this spit limit liability system. Though this sound in a pretty okay, this much riskier than that of the single limit liability car insurance. The insurance into three sections and have the fixed claim amounts for each. The sometime cheaper car insurance policies also come with spit limit of the liability system of that the combines coverage into one single figure, is always recommended of the car insurance.

3.Paying premium per month


The catch here is that monthly or even quarterly premium payment options in those to take of the adding up the monthly premium payments will invariably amount to much higher than the annual payments. Than the consider in the dividing of to those of premium by 12 and save this amount separately in an account for easy financial management. the agreeing to pay you’re the premium in that the selecting this option in your car insurance car in monthly installments of handling of economic. The various clauses in the policy in order to avoid nasty  situations when around making a claim. the different with kind of insurance policies that you can buy and kind of coverage knowing about insurance in general.

4.Best car insurance company in India:


The best means of transport on road be it personal use or family use, many people even believe it also that shows an uplift in the financial status of a take of position in around to them in this most people belong financial mediocrity and cannot even afford to buy a car on down payment. generally looking  for the best car insurance company in India.

 5.Zero Depreciation


The Zero-Dep takes comprehensive insurance a step further of the comparatively new trend of the insurance. The ‘Administration Charges’ – rest everything is taken care of by the insurance company. The naturally, premiums are higher and also the Zero-Dep was favoured luxury car companies only. But now it is spreading to smaller segments as well. Zero –Dep, however ,is not available on cars older than 3 years.

6.Claim Settlement Ratio:



Good knowledge to needs one of those knowledge to have things covered under a particular car insurance policy. The most similar in this regard to while policies, it still pays to understand the term and conditions of every policy beforehand of the settlement claim of the ratio provided to insurance.

7.Get the NCB certificate

This letter will be associating valid for next three years and you can use it to save money on the insurance of your new vehicle. Than the might of making in a forward of a copy to the insurance company. to make sure you get a copy of the delivery note of the insurance company. The insurance company visit to make in a company’s local office for this letter of to the best insurance policy NCB certificate letter.

8.Use it on your new policy:



The benefits on your new policy arrange will they and dealer and they provided to the letter car to do this new policy. At times the manufacture’s  insurance schemes are compared to the usual mainstream ones of the insurance costs. he obtain help to save certificate no claim bonus obtained of the cost insurance costs.

9.Continuing the old provider:


The dealer and take this information to your insurance  company are car invoice and chassis number get that the insurance. they will offer you  a reduce premium cover note taking in those account your No of in claim bonus. Than service to the continue with it rather than switching to a new one for the vehicle. Just in case you continuing with your current  company insurance and happy with their service of switching to new vehicle.

10.Getting benefits without selling the old car:



Then after you sell off the old vehicle with the usual insurance rates. Another option would be transfer the vehicle’s ownership to a family member so that you can get the advantage on your new purchase. of to the keep in your planning  cancel the policy on your vehicle to obtain the no claim bonus certificate  and new car. You can also get the No Claim Bonus advantage without selling the old car before taking the new one delivery of the best insurance policy.

 What all cover in car insurance:


 The car insurance cover  is a sure –


shot way to keep  you covered against liabilities and risks. That the cover insurance law mandates all car owners for their vehicles. To that the required in the  vehicle covered in case of mishappening. So to do that the risk and people covered by the various types of car insurance policies . The car insurance cover are the points under this follows:

1.Liabilities and Risks Coverage:


They actual coverage may very from product to product .However most of the car insurance policies. Address the following aspects:


 Liability towards bodily damage—

the policies holder to others any damage that is caused by the policy holder and his/her family members when driving else’s car with their permission.


 Liabilities towards property damage—


the such as to make in another property person’s car is covered under this head of the damage property.


 Collision cover—

Covers damage to the car due to collision with another object, vehicle, turning over or sometimes even due to make in a damaged roads.


 Non-collision physical damage—


Damages to take the in case of storm or windshield break etc. the collision are covered here in which to them of the coverage.


 Payment towards medical charges—


the passengers in the medical covered under this head. The any medical costs incurred due the accident for the policy holders of to the charges.


 Preserving the no claim bonus:


There are time when you have to choose between the no claim bonus advantage and your damage that you are willing to claim. The net impact would be much more than the expense in such a case of the Not only that but you will also lose the advantage you will get while buying a new car. If make a claim minor expense, you will end up losing benefits for the years to come.



The right choosing car insurance policy for you is of utmost importance. You should  check out the various on the offer, compare them carefully and then select the one that suits your requirements the most also do remember that the insurance must be renewed will  time before mishap, there will be no coverage possible.

















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