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"AYURVEDA" INTRODUCTION TO AYURVEDA Ayurveda literally means “knowledge of life” and its scope is truly no less encompassing. While the tradition is thought to be over five thousand years old, its till relevant. Ayurveda remains as relevant as ever—and it is enlivened every day as individuals around the world engage its timeless wisdom in their day-to-day lives. Ayurveda is a medical practice that originated in India. Thought to be far superior than other forms of medicine, it promises treatment for...Read More

Benzoate harmful

Are Soft Drinks Contaminated By Benzene?? Let’s check out!!

Today, we have lot of junk-food such as bacon cheeseburgers and french fries drip with weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, and higher blood pressure. But what if further research findings made these foods look safe? In some way or other, a large part of the Western diet and lifestyle proves unhealthy and even harmful. Conscientious meal planning becomes more and more needed and desired. For one, many foods contain high levels of fat and sugar. The fact that these foods...Read More


Do you know these..7 Tips For A Long And Healthy Life??

As good as modern medical technology is, it can never save you from the problems caused by a life style that is unhealthy. Instead of getting a modern medical fix for every problem, it is far better to live in such a way that you will hardly ever fall ill. Always, prevention is certainly better than a pound of cure. Here are seven tips on how to live a long and healthy life. In addition, the same life style that...Read More

Do You Know These…Great Tips On Exercise to Get Your Day Started!!

Great Tips On Exercise Introduction We don't have to explain in depth why exercise is good for you. Whether you are working out to lose the last bit of winter fat or training for a race or any other event, here are some tips that can be applied to every fitness goal. #1 Track your progress Whether you are exercising for weight loss, muscle gain or endurance, tracking your progress can make a big difference in motivation. Why? Some days...Read More

Do You Know..About..Meditation For People On The Go!!

Meditation For People On The Go Introduction Meditation is an ancient ritual that is perfect for individuals seeking a bit of peace, quiet, and inner reflection into their daily lives. However, many individuals erroneously believe they do not have the appropriate time to devote to meditation. This practice does not require a special room and hours upon hours of inner reflection to be done properly and receive the most results. In fact, meditation can be done in any quiet corner,...Read More

Do You Know These..Amazing Facts of Omega 3 Fish Oils!! Have A Look!!

About Omega 3 Fish oils Introduction   Omega 3 fish oils are a substance that can be found in the bodies of fish. However, eating fresh fish is no longer recommended. The mercury levels that are prevalent in almost all fresh fish these days can be very detrimental to your health. However, companies have manufactured fish oil that is mercury free by processing the oils that naturally occur in the fish. Omega 3 is a type of fat that is...Read More

Do You Know the Right Way of Meditation?How to meditate!! Check out!!

What Is Meditation?How To Meditate   Introduction  Meditation is a mental exercise of regulating attention. It is practiced either by focusing attention on a single object, internal or external (focused attention meditation) or by paying attention to whatever is predominant in your experience in the present moment, without allowing the attention to get stuck on any particular thing (open monitoring meditation).Meditation is an individual practice, although it is often done in groups. The practitioner usually closes his eyes and keeps...Read More

Do You Know About…Managing Stress at Work??? Have a Look!!!

Managing Stress at Work   Introduction Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. In the short-term, you may experience pressure to meet a deadline or to fulfill a challenging obligation. But when work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming — and harmful to both physical and emotional health.Stress isn’t always bad. A little bit of stress...Read More

Do You Know These?..10 Diet Rules You Can Break!!!

10 Diet Rules You Can Break Introduction If you're serious about losing weight, there are a few popular diet rules that you need to break. Some of these rules are weight loss myths that have lingered for years, while others are beliefs that became popular as part of a trendy diet fad. Regardless of their origin, your diet is likely to fail if you blindly follow them. So, check the list and make sure you get the facts, so you...Read More

Do You Know These…Antioxidants Naturally Found in Foods

Antioxidants Naturally Found in Foods Introduction Antioxidants are compounds or substances that naturally occur in certain fruits and vegetables. You may have heard of flavanols in chocolate, resveratrol in red wine, lycopene in tomatoes or beta-carotene in carrots. These are all different types of antioxidants.Antioxidants are compounds or substances that naturally occur in certain fruits and vegetables. You may have heard of flavanols in chocolate, resveratrol in red wine, lycopene in tomatoes or beta-carotene in carrots. These are all different types of...Read More