Changes/Improvements of Social Media


Social Media is an online platform for individuals to create or share content to participate in social networking.

Social Media is an important factor in a constantly changing world of Technology. There are so many changes or modification has happened in social media over the past few years. Social media networks are always looking to improve the user’s experience whether it means changing the user interface, layout, logo or adding a similar kind of feature to compete with its opponent.

From over last year 2016 to this current year 2017 social media giants such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. has made many changes by keeping users as their main focus. So, here we are going to look some of the changes social media made for its betterment.


  Go Live!


Social media websites are always looking for new ways to show real time content to their users and the next big thing is live streaming. There are so many live streaming sites and platforms out there. These social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter has added the feature of live streaming for their users. This new Live Streaming Feature is now used widely across the globe by celebrities, business people, media groups and the ordinary user of social media as well. This new live streaming features give them another way to communicate with the followers and audience.


  • Facebook: Facebook has its very own live streaming option “Facebook Live”. As the title suggests it allows you to live stream any type of content to people from all over the world. While streaming live you can get real time feedback or comments on it with a comment feature.
  • Instagram: After Facebook Instagram also added a live streaming feature in it. Following its parent company, Instagram is becoming an “everything” platform. Now the Instagram has live video, shoppable content, and stories mimicking Snapchat’s.
  • Twitter: Twitter moved its app from the social networking category in Apple’s app store to the news category. So taking it seriously now twitter has added Periscope feature directly into the twitter app, which allows users to live stream content. Users simply download the app on their phone and can live stream any content of their choice using their mobile phone. The feed is linked to the user’s Twitter profile and is displayed in real time to all their followers.

    Message It


The popularity of Social Communication app is growing and Facebook has its own Messaging app “Messenger”. Messaging apps are used to communicate one another. Messenger is aspiring to be the app for users and if you are using facebook on you Mobile Phone, then downloading the Messenger app is must for chat, communicate etc. They even have a video chat option in the app as well. Most recently, they’ve implemented a six screen group video chat, so that users can virtually hang out with their friends.


Ads Everywhere

                Ads on social networks are a big thing as they can provide a lot of revenue for the company such as Facebook. When it comes to social media ad revenues, bringing in more than $7 billion last year — 80% of which came from mobile ads, but a lot of users use various plugins for ad blocks to remove the ads from their feeds. Facebook change the way ads were displayed, making them look like legitimate posts. Though they do have a “sponsored” label on the top of them. Not only will social networks force more ads upon users but will also be looking to personalize ads.

Social networks quickly build a profile about your likes and dislikes which can be used to help display the most appropriate ads. So in 2017, marketers should expect greater investment in advertising on social media

Which one to choose?    

If you are an active user on various social networks you must have noticed that how similar some networks are becoming. It’s not the exact same as other social network but still it has its own twist to that similar feature. Just like that Instagram has added a feature called “Instagram Stories”. By using this feature you can take pictures and share all you moments in a story format to the viewers or followers which will get deleted automatically after 24 hours. Although Instagram claim this is a new feature, the exact same thing has been available on Snapchat for at least the past year or so. It tends to show us that if any social networking app has a good feature, it is likely that others will follow them make their own version of that feature. So, for those reasons choosing one social network between Instagram & Snapchat is going to be bit difficult for the users.


 Great Platform for eCommerce

              Selling and purchasing on social media is might be next big thing in social network. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer ways for users to purchase products from directly within their apps. Social Media is not just about communicating but it is also about the content it had. People come to social media to interact with interesting content and the social media is now filled with such interesting content. People are selling things online on social media also & they are getting great response as well.

There are so many products available on social media for purchase; there are videos about product demonstration for the consumers. Social media is a great platform for eCommerce and Marketing.





Categorising content on social networks is important as it helps users find what they want to see. Twitter was really the first network to tackle this problem with their hashtags. And now every other network like Facebook and Instagram is using the hashtags. By posting a hashtag it allows you to categorise that post into a specific category that can be easily found by other users. Now whenever people post something a photo or a video in the caption they use hashtags to say something.

Facebook is currently trialling a new topic feature that allows users to post and comment around certain topics or themes. By grouping relevant posts and content it allows Facebook to show users more of what they want to see about certain topics. And in future if it doesn’t work users can always use “hashtags (#)”.

Social Media will continuously evolve and grow and if you are a big social media fan then keep an eye on it and be ready to adapt the new changes which will come in future as well..

































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