Ways to make Money online with Ads Clicking-Part 2


There are few more website which pay for clicking Ads.

    • Brainbux.com

What is BrainBux?
BrainBux is classified as a PTC or “Paid to Click” website. That means that it’s members are able to earn money by completing short tasks that involve clicking.

The tasks involve clicking on advertisements that have been posted on the website.

Also, BrainBux provides their members with the ability to buy various advertisement credits and advertise other offers.

How Much Does It Cost?
Although you are able to earn money in the PTC section as a free member, you can also chose to upgrade your account which will maximize your earning potential.

On BuxBrain, there are 3 different membership upgrades:

BrainBux scam

Each one has different benefits, but the main benefit is the amount of money you can make per click in the PTC section. The more expensive the membership, the more money you can make per click.

Premium Membership Cost = €14.99

  • €0.20 per click

Elite Membership Cost = €21.99

  • €0.30 per click

Ultimate Membership Cost = €34.99

  • €0.50 per click

Making €0.50 per advertisement click is the best payout I have ever come across when it comes to PTC websites. Most PTC websites offer as much as $0.02 per click..

This made me a little suspicious so I decided to do more research.

Methods of Earning on BrainBux

There are two different methods of earning money on BrainBux.


In this section of the website, members are able to earn money by clicking on advertisements. The amount of money that you can make varies with the different types of advertisements.

Each advertisement has a certain amount of time you are required to view it for. The longer the view time, the more money you can potentially make.

You will see a loading bar that looks like this.

Once it loads completely, you will have to complete a captcha code that looks like this.

When you have gone through the process, you should see €0.1 in your account balance.

The minimum to cashout is 5 € and the TOS said that the payment deadline is no idea. You can choose among the following payout methods : PerfectMoney, PAYEER , Payza, Paypal. With this P.T.C. website you will win 20 % of your referral earnings.

Myadspayment is similar to Paidverts.

Myadspayment is illegal because it uses a ponzi scheme or / and a matrix scheme to pay people. The use of this site is therefore totally discouraged.

The minimum deposit required to make an investment is 0.01 $ : deposit and withdrawal can be made with PerfectMoney, Cryptocurrency Wallet.

As of today an gain amount of 0$ was reported by netbusinessrating members for 28 days but as we hope you know, this kind of bad site can close overnight without warning.

This website is available in English.


Labelprofit is similar to paidverts.

1. Increase your BAPs:
Labelprofit gives you two ways to increase your BAPs, either by collecting Free daily bonus ad points or buy buying ads, for making good and fast earnings, but it is better to increase your BAPs by buying ads (when you buy ads you get 3080 BAP), this can boost you to reach highter groups which will let you receive more daily earnings. you can also get the free daily bonus ad points (you will receive 240 free daily bonus ad points).
1$ = 3080 BAP

2. Click on your Daily Paid Ads:
You will receive daily paid ads once you have 1600 BAP and more,you may have up to 210$ per 25 seconds you spend in viewing paid ads and that depends in what group you are we have 15 group (from group 1 to group 15), users in group 15 are the most paid users. so to increase your incomes you need to climb in groups. the only way to climb in groups is to increase your BAPs.

3. Withdraw Your Earnings:
once you reach 5$ in your earnings you will be able to make a cashout, you will receive your cashout in 15 minuts up to 12 hour as maximum. you can withdraw your earnings at any time you want.

Refer friends to earn 10% of every ad purchase and 5% of every ad they get paid to view!

Baps Of Every Group
Group 1 : 1600 BAP To 14500 BAP
Group 2 : 14500 BAP To 26000 BAP
Group 3 : 26000 BAP To 50000 BAP
Group 4 : 50000 BAP To 96000 BAP
Group 5 : 96000 BAP To 183000 BAP
Group 6 : 183000 BAP To 367000 BAP
Group 7 : 367000 BAP To 736000 BAP
Group 8 : 736000 BAP To 1600000 BAP
Group 9 : 1600000 BAP To 3200000 BAP
Group 10 : 3200000 BAP To 6500000 BAP
Group 11 : 6500000 BAP To 21500000 BAP
Group 12 : 21500000 BAP To 50000000 BAP
Group 13 : 50000000 BAP To 100000000 BAP
Group 14 : 100000000 BAP To 300000000 BAP
Group 15 : 300000000 BAP To 600000000 BAP

The minimum to cashout is $5 and the Payments options are Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

My Paying Ads is an online advertising program. They sell advertising services. Some of it’s products / services include Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange Ads, Paid-To-Click ads etc. You may use these services to advertise your Business / Program / Product to all members and visitors of MPA.

It shares profits from every sale of product with all members who have purchased Ad Packs from MPA. Revenue sharing is done until the members receive 120% earnings on their adpack purchases. Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Adpacks. In principle, MPA can not and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity.

Click here to Register NOW at Mypayingads.com

Buxcure.com is a paid to click advertising and revenue sharing service launched on 1 Aug 2017.
BuxCure is owned by same admin of very trusted W3Adz and BuxCap. BuxCure is offering free Bronze membership for the first 40k members.
Members can earn money there simply by clicking on displayed advertisements. Members can also earn by referring other people(Direct Referrals) or by renting other members(Rented Referrals).

► Pay Per Click =  $0.01, Pay Per DR click = $0.0005. Payment Processors = Payza, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, OkPay, AdvCash and SolidTrustPay. Min Payout  = $2

Is BuxCure a Legit PTC site?

No – BuxCure is not old enough to be called as a Legit PTC site. (site should be at least one year old and paying)

Is xbux a Paying PTC site?

Paying only to upgraded members.

Is BuxCure Scam?

No – As of now BuxCure is not completely scam.

Is BuxCure suspected or are there any complaints about it?

Huge delay in Payments and pays only to upgraded members. If you suspect BuxCure and have any complaints about it then please comment below.


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