Easy Dinner Ideas for Beginners



Dinner is the main meal of the day, usually served in the early part of the evening. To counteract this, it’s essential to eat a good dinner which combines both protein (meat, eggs, or beans) and carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables and fruit) which will ensure a steady released of glucose to the blood stream-helping to prevent disturbed sleep.

Eat your dinner early. Have light dinner. Don’t eat too much carbs for dinner. These are some of the dilemmas that surround our last meal of the day. And all this jus makes it even more difficult to decide a healthy, nutritious meal. High protein dinner – low carb but high protein for people who work out  a lot of lot and want to add more muscle less weight.

Weight watchers dinner

When you want to keep a check on your weight mushroom soup and mixed vegetable salad with tofu/sprouts and cucumber raita.

High fiber dinner


When you want meals with high satiety. Kachumber salad, brown rice/multi grain rotis with rajmah, bhindi ki sabji.

Late night dinner

When works hours are beyond normal bed time ham/cheese and lettuce sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Think healthy







Grilled barbequed – grilled veggies, grilled tofu or grilled chicken / fish with lettuce and beetroot salad.

Think easy dinner

When a person is tired and wants a quick easy meal. Pasta with pesto or arabiatta sauce with seasoned veggies with garlic bread. Pasta sauce can be bought if need be.

Dinner is usually the time when all the family members have their meal together.

Dinner ideas veg dishes

Palak paneer

Palak paneer is a popular dish in northern India is the spicy dish is best consumed with roti, the Indian flatbread. The paneer is allowed to sock in the flavors of palak and other spices by cooking it on a medium flame.

Dal fry


Dal by itself not be as tasty as when you fry it with a little bit of chopped onions and garlic. The flavour that is induced in the dal is so amazing that this is one dish that you just can’t stop having.

Dum aloo


This dish serves as an exceptionally popular side dish that goes well with rice and roti. The black pepper and the cinnamon lend a distinct taste to this dish that makes it a favorite in many households. For the potato lovers, you cannot give this dish a miss.

Mushroom biryani


Mushroom biryani is a vegetarian twist to the traditional nawabi dish. The mushroom doused in spices and long grained basmati rice combine tp make a wholesome meal for the entire family.

Tomato rice


The plain steamed rice cooked with tangy-spicy mixture of sautéed tomato is an easy to make main course that is a favorite for vegetarians and amounts to a delectable and content meal.

Aloo capsicum

The aloo capsicum fry is just what you need. This Punjabi dish can be enjoyed if served with hot rotis on a cold winter night.


Khichdi is a vegetarian recipe which imbibes the goodness of legumes and vegetables to make a whole some meal. Apart from using a variety of vegetables and dal in the preparation different spices can also be used for tempering it.

Dinner ideas Non Veg dishes

Chicken biryani

The mention of chicken biryani is enough to make one feel hungry. At an instance we can feel the aroma of biryani fill the atmosphere and it even tickles our taste buds. Boneless or with bone, the presence of chicken and miraculous discovery of that scrumptious meat among the rice makes the meal feel like a treasure hunt.

Egg biryani

Egg biryani this is the most easy and best biryani with eggs.

Egg curry

Soft boiled egg cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce combined with spices to give a zing taste and flavor to the taste buds.

Fish fry

Get your daily dose of perfect protein. Pieces of surmai fish maintained in garlic, cumin, fennel, curry leaves and tomatoes are pan fried in refined oil and serves hot.

Prawns curry

A light prawn curry cooked with grated coconut, coriander seeds, ginger, chili and some shallots will make the perfect hero on your dinner table. Pair with some steamed rice and you have got yourself a winner of a dish.

Some healthy foods for Dinner

Shahi egg curry


A mildly-spiced egg curry made with garlic, onions, whole lot of kasuri methi, fresh cream yogurt and fresh coriander.

Dal makhani

Impress everyone by cooking one of the most popular forms of dal. Cook it right and it sure to get you praises.

Hyderabadi mutton biryani

Hyderabadi mutton biryani or kachche gosht ki biryani is a traditional style of making the biryani by cooking the raw meat with…..

Chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice is an excellent recipe and easy & delicious chicken fried rice recipe. Authentic Chinese style.

Butter chicken

The very famous Indian butter and chicken dish with silky tomato gravy.

Chana masala

Chana masala, an impressive fairly dry and spicy dish with a sour tangy taste made with chickpeas. It is a popular Punjabi dish.

Chili paneer

Paneer chili recipe n innovative recipe with the traditional paneer is a combination of the best of Indian and Chinese.

Veg pulao

Veg pulao is a comfort and satisfying complete meal, cooked with aromatic rice (basmati), mixed vegetables & whole spices.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a dry vegetarian Indian side dish made with aloo and Gobi mixed with spices and stir fried.

Finally, Make sure to eat a light dinner. Include a whole lot of vegetable, some proteins like beans and vegetarian and meat or fish for non-vegetarians. You can also start your dinner with soup, fruit or low-fat yogurt to avoid eating too much. Avoid foods that can be difficult to digest and wrap up dinner 2 to three hours before you sleep.

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