Effect of Social Media on Youth

Effect of Social Media on Youth


By: Social media world



Nowadays, it is easier to access the internet than ever before and social media is a most used platform on the internet. It plays a vital role in transforming people’s lifestyle. With many features and characteristics it has been important part of one’s life from communicating, texting, image-sharing, audio-video sharing and shopping. Previously, the newspaper, television, radio etc. were traditional form of media, but now the trend of getting information has totally changed now as most of the people use social media to acquire information and to meet new people. Social media has an effect on all age of groups and the youth are no exception. Today’s youth depend on social media for almost everything and the teenagers, youngsters are the heaviest users of social networking. Youngsters are in conversation and communication with their friends and groups on different social media platforms and devices every day, which shows that teenagers are using social media way too much. There are both positive and negative aspects of social media not only on youth but also on every age group.


Studies show that age group of 12-21 access social media more than anyone and this can easily lead to misuse of technology that we are provided. Social Media is one of the most influences impacting source throughout the world and it has huge impact on youth. There are useful, positive as well as risks, negative aspects of social media which will help understand this generation the importance and threats of social media.

Positive effects of social media on Youth

  1. Connecting Friends

Making friends has become easier with this social networking sites and it helps youth to keep the connections between the friends when they are not always able to see each other. Now even with help of Skype we can have a video chat with the person who lives far away from us at free of cost.

  1. Awareness

Information spreads faster on social media than any other media. Social media keeps you up to date with things that are going around the world rather than just in your area. Useful information can be exchanged over social media. Access to that information keeps you aware in society.

  1. Career and Job Objectives

                                      Youngsters can look to the social media for the answers related to their career objectives. Social media sites have even created so many jobs and new opportunities to income. Via social media Employer find Employee and an unemployed find work.

  1. Social Benefits

                                      Social media helps the youth to develop their social skills. Social media allow people to communicate and increase their online communication skills and make new friends. A lot of friendships grow on social media for youths.


  1. Build Relationships

                                       We can make the strong relationship through these social media sites with friends and relatives. Social networking can also allow youngsters to find support online that they may lack in traditional relationship.


Negative effects of social media on Youth


  1. Waste of Time

                                      Many youngsters waste a lot of time on social media like chatting which can also affect their health. When a new post or tweet comes, an average user takes 25 to 30 minutes to leave this task return to their original work.


  1. Faking Themselves

                                      On social media people portray themselves as someone they are not. To get attention and gain many friends people try to be some different personality online. Some youth are easily influenced so they may feel the need to change their physical appearance also by comparing themselves to the next person they see in the media.


  1. Cyber bullying/Sexting

                                      Usage of social media can create a chance for emotional distress in getting upsetting, irritating communication from another teenager which is called cyber bulling. Because of Cyber bullying teenagers are at higher risk of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Sexting is a big problem. Sexual predators find, stalk and assault victims through social media.

  1. Damage to school and studies

The social websites become the first priority of teens, rather than the things that should come first such as school, family and sports. Students who use social media while studying get lower marks in exam. It has a wrong influence on them as well, because of social media children cheat in their assignments.

  1. Lack of Privacy

People, especially the young ones, are often too open and public with their personal information when online. Most don’t read privacy policies and may be unaware that their information may be used by third parties, like advertisers, insurance companies. Most of the teenagers like to post their information publicly which will affect them when the hackers may use their information for the wrong purposes.



Social Media or technology has also affected Kids or toddlers in both ways too. Simple example likes Television; Television can be used as an educational tool if used wisely and when supervised by parents. Poor and not the best kind of content for kids are also available on the television. But watching television excessively can also harm the kid’s health and grow the chances of becoming obese, it can also cause them to have weak eyes. Same thing applies for playing games on computer too; there are games available which portray the violence. That can be a bad thing for mentally developing kid to see the violence it can affect his thinking and encourage him to do the same, but there is also an advantage of playing games on computer which are non-violent is that it can improve the problem-solving and critical thinking skill of the kid.


It is has become clear that social media have become not only part of people’s lives but the things their lives revolve around. Social media can have a beneficial and a harmful impact on the youth of this generation. Peoples are seen addicted with this technology every day. It is essential now that parents are aware of and monitor privacy settings and online profiles of their teenage child. Social media sites have made the youth not only more capable but also more incompetent.

Use of social media is beneficial but it should be used in a limited way without getting addicted. But social media can also help the youth in future in many ways. Social networking sites like facebook, YouTube can work with parents and peacemakers to create alertness and expand technology which will help teenagers getting secured. Youngsters are seen in contact with these media daily and the social media platforms are working on these sites for its betterment and making it a safe place for everyone.












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