Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having a wholesome breakfast means you and your child will have an excellent day. When you have breakfast, you will feel better equipped to deal with the challenges thrown at you throughout the day.

Expert advice that the breakfast must be eaten within 1-2 hours of waking up and should provide 25-30% of daily nutrient requirement. Kids who have breakfast have been known to perform better in school, have more energy and are also likely to make healthier choices in school.

Children also complain of not wanting to eat the same breakfast items over and over again and Many mothers complain that their kids are not taking enough vegetables, not eating properly etc. but meal is so important that you and your kids deserve better. One of the things we know for certain is that brain function depends on having breakfast.
Ideally the meal should include carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats – that’ll give your child energy until lunch, essentially try to mix and match from each of the food groups when you put together your child’s breakfast.
Healthy breakfast ideas for kids

Can rice be boring for kids if you present it like this: Make different fun shapes and sizes or faces with food? Use fresh vegetables to decorate the dish. Kids are sure to get attracted.

Instead of compelling them to eat more vegetables and greens, make one pot meals as kids love it very much. If you want them to eat greens, prepare mint pulao or methi pulao. You can prepare pulao or paratha with almost any greens.
For example: curd rice fortified with vegetables, coriander rice, peas pulao, vegetable pulao, sweet corn pulao, cauliflower pulao, methi pulao, vegetable biryani, mint pulao.

More creative ideas to make kids eat healthy food

Incorporate fresh vegetables in your kid’s diet by adding lot of vegetables to upma or decorate food with vegetables. Make funny animals figures with food and ask them also to participate in it. They will enjoy it to the core. Try it yourself.
For example: vegetable upma, ven pongal with sambar, idli upma, mixed vegetable noodles.
A great way to incorporate fruits in their diet

Use cookie cutters to cut fruit and vegetables into different shapes and serve them, rather than serving them plain. Prepare mixed fruit custard or banana custard with chocolate sauce drizzled all over. Use fruit as toppings in their favorite dessert as I have done in my fruit trifle.


Kids love sandwiches. Use cookie cutter to cut it into different shapes and dress up sandwiches with funny and interesting faces. You can use steel cups to cut bigger circles. Find interesting sandwich recipe and presentations ideas in the link below.

For example: potato sandwich, vegetable sandwich, green chutney sandwich, paneer sandwich, tomato chutney cheese sandwich.

Vegetable salad

Make salads/raw vegetables, a part of their diet from their younger days, otherwise they will never eat salads when they grow up.
Colorful salads:

carrot moong sprout salad, black eyes pea salad.
Quick healthy recipes for kids

Banana dosa for kids:

Very quick to make and will give a nice change from the regular dosa. It also adds the goodness of banana and is a perfect breakfast option of kids with a glass of milk.

Moong dal cheela/dosa made from green gram:

Healthy and wholesome and protein-rich, moong dal chilla or green gram dosa is perfect for breakfast. Serve it with a peanut or green along with milk.

Besan ka cheela:

This brings a lot of memories from my childhood as it used to be quite often in our home. Besan is gram flour or chana flour. So it is also rich in protein as well as energy and is very simple and quick to whip up in the mornings. You can also add any vegetables to the batter to make it even more wholesome. You can serve it with any chutney or even tomato ketchup.

Chocolate pancake and strawberry milkshake

You can keep this yummy and wholesome treat for kids for weekend breakfast, so they have the time to savour and enjoy it to the fullest. The delicious wholewheat pancake with strawberry milkshake is a complete breakfast in itself.

Ragi cheela

This cheela or dosa made from ragi/nation flour is rich in calcium and can be made quickly. Serve it with any chutney.

Healthy pav bhaji

This healthy pav bhaji uses no color and you can put as many vegetables as you want and steel see your child gobble them up.

Grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich

Children love cheese and most can have it for all their meals if offered. Try this grilled sandwich with a filling of vegetables and cheese and heave a sigh that your child had a good breakfast before starting his/her day.

Milk shakes

You can add a fruit to your child’s milk and make a delicious milkshake which does not take too long to finish and is still filling and wholesome. You can make mango milkshake, banana milkshake, papaya milkshake, cheeku milkshake, avocado milkshake etc.
Almond milk:

Instead of giving plain milk, a couple of teaspoonfuls of our homemade almond milk powder and give it to your child.
Conclusion: Meal is so important that you and your kids deserve better. Ideally the meal should include carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. That will give your child energy until lunch. Aim to serve a mix of foods from the five food groups – veggies, fruit, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and healthy protein.

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