Is Creating a Good Website enough to attract Visitors and grow Audience?


Is having Good Website enough?

There is intense competition for creating a good responsive website. Looking at the number of websites indexed each day by Google, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage and retain a customer or a viewer.

A good website is your first step towards getting the attention of your visitor and have good chances of converting them into a customer.

However, their engagement ultimately depends on your ability to keep them hooked to your experience, products, and offerings.

Looking for a few ways to attract website visitors without compromising your ethics or stooping to spam techniques? Give any of the following 20 options a try:

#1 Focus on content creation. (Most Important)

Good content always markets itself. When you put the effort into building and promoting great pieces of content, the natural result is more traffic to your website via shares and referrals. The quality of shares and referrals are important to access your content popularity.
The more your content is relevant to the audience, the more is your success rate of going your content viral.


#2 Add social sharing buttons to your website  


Useful and compelling content always gets shared. But, don’t assume that your readers will take the initiative to share your content on their own or even just read and leave your webpage without a “like”.
Instead, make it easy for your site to accrue more visitors from social networking sites by adding social sharing or Like buttons to your company’s blog posts.


#3 Answer questions on social networking sites

There are plenty of Forums, Question & Answer (Q&A) websites where you see people asking questions online. Try to provide whatever helpful information you can. Try to be unbiased in the tone.
Doing so will earn you both website traffic and customers for life. More likes, shares or upvotes for your answer means more people find you a Trusted Person. This is how you create an Authority in your Niche.

#4 Distribute Press Releases for actual achievements.

Distribution of your Blog, Article or Social Media post is essential. It’s like boosting your Blogging or Website Success.
While you shouldn’t abuse press release distribution websites to promote insignificant accomplishments, take advantage of this traffic stream whenever you have something noteworthy to share.

#5 Use SEO responsibly.

Don’t over-optimize your website, but do make use of current SEO best practices (which put the emphasis on looking “natural”) to let the search engines know where they should list your site in the natural search results.
High rankings will result in plenty of new visitors to your website.

#6 Invest in your website’s blog

In, Blogging, consistency is important.  By publishing high-value posts consistently, you’ll build your relationship with your readers, resulting in visitors who check back frequently to view your latest posts.
This creates a sense of trust among your visitors and grows your subscriber base.

#7 Share slide decks and other presentations

It’s important you have good information that can be shared easily by your website visitors. There are websites where one can post such information and build your credibility.  Posting informative materials to sites like Slideshare and Scribd will help you to increase both brand awareness and website traffic through exposure to new markets and new potential customers.

#8 Build a killer email newsletter

When readers find valuable email newsletters, they tend to share them with others. If your current email followup sequence is lackluster, making improvements here could result in significantly more referral traffic. Email Newsletter can be a great boost to your visitor’s traffic and improve your page views.

#9 Publish a helpful podcast

Similarly, producing a regular, high-quality podcast will increase referred to website visitors, while reaching new visitors through podcast directories.

#10 Deploy infographics

Infographics get shared more often than most other types of content. This makes them ideal candidates for traffic generation campaigns that make use of content marketing.

#11 Run a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the web’s largest search engines, making it a great way to expose new audiences to your brand. As an added bonus, your videos may be listed in GoogleGOOG +Os blended search results, leading to even more traffic!

#12 Ask visitors to share your site with others

Remember, Try mutual Sharing of Blog Post. Join a Blogger Share Thread. Simply asking your visitors to forward your articles to others or share them on their social networking profiles is a great way to quickly boost page views.

#13 Write guest posts for top industry sites

Ask other websites in your industry if you can pen guest posts for their blogs. Having your content featured it isn’t just great for traffic – it’s a good way to build your perceived authority as well.

#14 Connect with influencers in your niche

Having an authority figure in your industry share just one of your blog articles can result in a tremendous amount of new traffic, subscribers and buyers, so make relationship building a key part of your company’s marketing strategy.

#15 Pay attention to up-and-coming social networks

Newer social networks like Tumblr and Pinterest are sprouting up all the time. Because there can be a significant “first adopter” advantage to the people that establish a presence on these sites early on, keep an eye out for these future opportunities.

#16 Eliminate website errors

If the search engines aren’t able to index your website properly (which can occur due to a number of different errors), you may not be receiving all the search traffic you should be. Check your Google Webmaster Tools account for information on common problems.

#17 Add pillar content to your website

Every website should have at least a few pieces of “pillar” content — in-depth, well-written content that will always be of interest to readers — to help drive traffic via person-to-person sharing.

#18 Over-deliver on your company’s products or services

From a word-of-mouth traffic standpoint, over-delivering can’t be beaten. When you go above and beyond in your industry, customers will recommend you to others – leading to more traffic and a higher marketing ROI.

#19 Interview experts within your industry

People love hearing from experts, so if you can snag an interview and publish it on your site, you’re in for a big surge of traffic from the authority’s existing audience.


#20 Comment on other websites

Leaving valuable comments on other websites’ blogs can be a great way to build traffic back to your own site. Just be sure to say more in your comment than, “Great post!” or “Thanks for sharing!”

Hope, you like this article and implement these tactics to increase your audience, create value to your visitors, increase your visitor base views and keep grabbing their attention with an interesting post in future.

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