Maharashtrian dishes are one of the most tempting and lip smacking delicacies that are full of flavors and spices. Ingredients like wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, lentil, vegetables and fruits from important components of a maharashtrian style meal. By regions, the popular cities in Maharashtra are Mumbai, kokan,
southern Maharashtra, vidarbha, pune, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nagpur and solapur.
There is a wide range of appetizing and yummy snacks prepared that includes vada pav, misal pav, pohey, kothimbir vadi, thalipith etc. Generally the bhaaji or curries are served on the right side while the chutney,
koshimbir are served at the left. The papad is placed below the koshimbir with the rice and poli served
at the bottom of the circle close to the dinner’s hand. The amti, rassa is served in separate bowls
placed on right hand side of the dinner. Water is placed on the left hand side.

Best recipes in maharashtrian cuisine

Vada pav:

This is one of the most popular fast food snacks that are eaten by most Maharashtrians.
This snack is locally known as the common mans Indian burger which consists of a spicy,
deep fried potato based patty which is the vada that is sandwiched between a thick square
of bread similar to a burger bun.

Sol kadhi:

Is a well popular traditional kokam in coconut milk dish from the western coastal region of India.
It is common dish prepared across Maharashtra, kokan, goa regions. It is made with coconut milk,
spiced with some green chillies, sweet and tanginess from kokam and flavoured with fresh cilantro.

Misal pav:

The most popular snack of all maharashtrian food after vada pav, the usal is a less spicy
and slightly dryer version of the hot and spicy misal pav. Most places will offer unlimited rassa
when you opt for the misal pav because it’s more about the spicy gravy than the heavy on butter
lightly toasted bread. Remember the pav is only to soften the blow of the spicy curry.
To prepare misal first usal which is a water based curries preparation of cooked sprouted
lentils is first prepared and then topped with batata-bhaji,pohay, chivda, farsaan, raw chopped onions
and tomato. It is sometimes eaten with yogurt to cut the spice and is always served
with dinner roll type bread called pav and lemon wedges.

Sabudana khichdi:

Sabudana is white in color and granular in texture. The ready to eat dish prepare from it is known as khichdi which roughly mean mixture. Sabudana khichadi is a popular breakfast item and is one of the few products that are allowed to be eaten when maharashtrians undertake holy fasting known in Marathi as upaas.

Kolhapuri mutton rassa:

This one is for the meat lovers. If you’ve done your studies, you’ll know that the kolhapuri food is known for its liberal use of chillies in different forms such as dried chili, fresh green chilies, and chili powder etc. kolhapuri mutton rassa not for the delicate tummy. It’s hot spicy and the heat it gives you will leave you feeling like a fire dragon. And it is not the only kolhapuri dish that will leave you feeling like that.
Easy to cook breakfast ideas

Kande pohe:

Every child who grew up in a maharashtrian household had this for breakfast, school lunch, evening snack and whenever the guest came home for a surprise visit. Kande pohe, literally translated is onion and beaten rice. Some top it with fine nylon sev while others top it with fresh chopped coriander and sweet grated coconut.

Pithale or jhunka bhakar:

Zunka bhakari is traditionally made with chickpeas or besan paste which is further cooked with onions, curry leaves, ginger garlic paste, cumin and musterd seeds. Rich and aromatic, best served with bajra or jowar rotis.


This is a savoury pancake, maharashtrian style. Normally uses up to four kinds of flour and onions, tomatoes, chillies and few select spices such as cumin powder and chili powder. Another popular breakfast and evening snack it is sometimes eaten for dinner as well. These are served with loni(ghee).

Easy to cook lunch ideas

Varan bhat
Katachi amti
Pav bhaji pulao
Maharashtrian kadhi
Narali bhat
Poori bhaji
Bharli vangi
Alu vadi
Kothimbir vadi
Batatyachya kacharya
Tomato sar

Pandhara rassa
Tambada rassa
Kombadi vade
Fish curry
Anda curry
Kolhapuri matan rassa

Maharashtrian Dessert
Puran poli
Mawa karanji
Motichur ladu
Sakhar amba
Kela shira

Finally, Maharashtrian food is an exciting play of desi masalas, uses some of the most basic food items
and is all about local style of cooking. The use of freshly ground masalas like malvani masala,
goda masala, and kala masala is highlight of maharashtrian cuisine. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri,
vegetables, lentils and fruit form staples of the maharashtrian diet.

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