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Technology has developed so much over the years and it has impacted many factors of people’s life and the place they live i.e. their Home is not an exception for that. In this continuously emerging era of technology the concept of making the Normal Home to Smart Home is growing popularly. The availability of a wide range of high-end technology products aimed at making life more secure, convenient and comfortable are steadily drawing more and more customers to the concept of Smart Homes.

Smart Homes are homes which are powered by computing devices and information technology that connect various gadgets and instruments in the house to provide comfort, convenience, security, and entertainment to the residents of the house. For long, Home automation has been the exclusive domain of the ultra-rich. But it is at a stage where anyone can afford to have automated homes, customized according to their needs and budgets. Automated homes are much more energy efficient than conventional homes.


The Smart Homes Market is evolving fast in India. In India, with the boom in the reality sector many new home buyers are opting to add automated elements in their new houses. The security, convenience and energy efficiency are encouraging the growth of Smart Homes in India. With the growing number of working couples in India, especially in metro cities, more and more homes are empty for the most of the time.

This demands a large extent of home automation in India. Initially Smart Homes were marketed primarily as homes with advanced security features, but the market is now evolving into newer areas like lighting systems, gas leakage detectors, fire detection systems, entertainment systems and energy efficiency systems. Therefore, Smart Homes, apart from providing better security, conveniences and comfort to the resident, also provide significant energy savings.

The technology which is used in the Home Automation is pretty good. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making this possible for home automation technology by allowing objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. Connected devices can be accessed using a Smartphone or a PC app. IoT is not just restricted to Internet and Wi-Fi; There are around 11 IoT protocols such as Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) that have been identified. By using this technology you can adjust your lighting, you home’s security, entertainment and many other things with the help of a Smartphone.

Smartphones and tablets are also changing their scenario, by allowing the home owner to take charge of their house wherever they are. Smartphone now is the remote control of the Smart Home. So, a Smartphone is also a connected home.

Smart homes are associated with a system that provisions centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) appliances, shades, AV systems, security locks of gates. There are some trends in home automating.



By Smart lighting

From scene or mood lighting integrated for your entertainment hubs to sensor based LEDs that switch off when there is no one in a room, the options are endless. There are many apps out there of the lighting companies. Different companies have Different features in their apps. By using which you can change the color, brightness, select the light to sync with the music that you are playing and can control different shades of light at the click of the button.



The first item on a home buyer’s wish list is usually security, followed by automated and energy efficient lighting systems. Many home owners opt for full CCTV surveillance system with solutions like IR Bullet and Speed Dome covering a wider area and recording even in lowlight conditions. With the help of IoT enabled watchers and home solutions, you can monitor your home and family when you are away.

You can have an individual camera mounted on the front door or a multi-camera system installed. Internet enabled security solutions not only notify you of unusual movements, but also allow you to watch a live stream on your Smartphone or desktop. However, a more practical solution for Indian homes is a video door phone.


Another automation option is to access the air-conditioning or heating in the home from a mobile device and set it according to your need even if you are not there. Use this to switch off an AC or to switch on the heater before you enter the house. Controlling HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) in your house is now easy.


There are also other functions in the automation of your home that can help you to open or close curtains with the click of a button from anywhere in the house. You can also have a remote in the car to open the front gate or garage door. All home entertainment equipment can also be synced to be controlled by a single mobile application or remote. Automated systems can also be used to control Owens, deep freezers and refrigerators in the kitchen.

Home automation means convenience, efficiency, comfort and security and if you are building or planning to build a new home and are planning to install home automation systems, it is important to plan it in the early phase. It is always less expensive to install home automation systems while a home is being built rather than to wait till the very end.


The budget is the only real limit to what can be done to turn into a smart home. The homeowner’s should differentiate between what is “must have” and what is “nice to have” according to the budget limit. Reliability is a major factor for these systems. If it always requires complicated programming to change the settings by trained professionals, it can bring a lot of inconvenience and additional cost over time.


Awareness of Smart Homes is very high among customers almost universally in metro cities. Currently the largest drivers for Smart Homes are Security, Convenience and Energy efficiency. These are factors responsible to make the house a smart home. The Cost could be very high if someone spends way too much, it will be not sure of real value one get.

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