Social Media & Advertising-Impact on each other


Social Media & Advertising

Social Media has had an important impact on everyone from the start. When social media started out it was mostly used for connecting and communicating with each other. But today social media has become much more than that. Social media platforms are constantly improving, adding new features and functions to make the user’s experience more enjoyable. Just like any other industry social media has also hugely impacted on Advertising.
Business people use marketing to successfully grow their businesses. The most effective marketing approach is one that uses social media as well as traditional marketing. Business people look social media as just another advertising outlet. But the reality is it’s not a traditional advertising channel.

Many businesses push their “Buy this” message into social networks and stopping buyers at their brand’s consideration stage. Social media used to be called “unpaid media”. Those days are over. Businesses have figured out that Social Media Marketing (SMM) has a positive effect in the success of business and it takes a very little money to accomplish a solid end result.

When Snapchat launched the Discover feature, it was quick to point out that this is not just about social media, it is more about advertising. There are many Social Ad Networks out their which helps a brand to improve their reach to the consumers.

Twitter’s Ad Platform:

Real-time contextual promotion of you tweets, accounts and trends.


It helps Target consumers by location, age, gender, like, interests, education and relationship status.


With the use of this network ads are displayed on Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, YouTube and other social media platforms with Cost-per-Click payment model. 


It promotes blog posts, brand, products and services on top social media channels and niche blogs.


Data-driven branded conversations via celebrity endorsements. It matches the brand with celebrities that will help position brand to successfully hit all campaign objectives.

Social Media has impacted Advertising industry massively. The number of people uses various social media channels and more people are getting involved with social media to grow their businesses. Marketers are using traditional marketing (radio, television, and print media) as well as using Internet especially social media to reach out to their potential customers with the help of social media marketing. Social media marketing (SMM) is now advertising.

SMM is a group of operations and methods which are used to generate publicity through social media channels. Social media advertising is the planning and executing of advertising campaigns through those channels. The reason behind the face of social media marketing changing so drastically is that the marketers understand that they need to go wherever the clients are. There are some emerging Trends in social media advertising which will help brands for marketing and advertising their brand.

Live Video Ads

Live video is trending to be a platform for advertising, not just for big brands but for small businesses as well. There are so many applications for live video ads for small businesses. It may only be a matter of time before the live video advertising becomes the mainstream. Soon, brands big or small will be seen doing the live video ads of the products and services.

Dynamic Product Ads


In the past, it was difficult to re-market to the exact product someone was looking at—instead of an ad showing a picture of the product. With dynamic product ads, re-marketing is taken to a whole new level. Now, brands can set up just a couple of ads for the entire store of thousands of products, and depending on the product someone views, the ad will display different messages or images to attract that user to come back and make the purchase. Dynamic product ads are relevant and timely. These ads can be lifesavers for e-commerce stores.

Mobile-First Ads

Businesses should think about advertising to mobile and desktop users differently. Mobile users digest information in a completely different way versus desktop. Brands should treat mobile users as if their time is limited and it’s crucial to get to the point as quickly as possible. Doing advertising for a mobile app the call to action has to be simply “download now”. This trend will get noticed quickly as we towards a mobile-first world.


Businesses may be of all sizes, but it should leverage chatbots in their social campaigns. Businesses may start promoting their bots as an easy way to interact with their company, while at the same time integrating marketing triggers within the bots themselves, to try and upsell and cross promote products and services. Who would have guessed years ago that people would be willing to trust a robot with retail purchases? Time is definitely changing and so is social media advertising.


The revolution happen in social media advertising was certain. With the pace at which technology was and is changing, it was just a matter of time (and not too much time) before people would start to get involved, get passionate and drive the success of social media. The investment need to make social media work has very little to do with money. The investment needed to make social media advertising work is time and effort. You need to consistently devote a specific amount of time to making your SMM campaign work for your business.

Marketing on social media requires a shift in mindset. Social Media advertisement offers the opportunity to build awareness. On social media platforms brands can receive an instant feedback in the form of likes, comments and retweets etc. Brands should stay true or loyal to their brand and only post something when it is relevant, useful or valuable to share. One of the key elements of social media advertising is to check that links are properly tagged with the campaigned data. The posts that are promoted by the brand should complement, connect as a part of their large marketing strategy.

As social media marketing is growing up, it has benefited many brands with their right marketing strategy on social media advertising. Social media marketing (SMM) is all about building relationship with other people who will eventually become your consumers. Building and gaining trust of your customers is an important thing.

With the various platforms available for advertising on social media, it is now really easy for big or small businesses to promote or advertise about their product online and it is an easy and affordable way to communicate with the target audience. The trends which are taking place for advertising on social media will definitely boost up advertising industry and will force brands to create a good communicating content for the advertisement which will connect with the consumers to the brand immediately.



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