How Social Media Changed the Way We Eat

How Social Media Changed the Way We Eat

It’s a known fact that Social Media has changed the way society live their life. The concept uploading it on social media to share it with your friends and followers online.



Technology has made it incredibly easy for us to document every moment of our lives. Uploading photos is a popular activity on social media. While social media platforms like Instagram are completely dedicated to the image sharing. The idea of sharing food photos online has begun to dominate the world of technology. Social Media has affected various factors of eating at home and outside right from buying groceries to make the reservations in a restaurant.


People who like to make meals at home and eat it with their family, groceries are important part of their kitchen and household. However, the technology has provided another benefit by introducing online ordering of groceries via a website or an app, which will get delivered to your door, as simple as that. To make new, exciting, delicious dishes there are so many new recipes available online. People can find any recipe they want to make online. There are blog posts available with different recipes of different types of cuisines. There are also so many videos available online on a social media platform YouTube where you can watch recipes step by step on your smartphone or iPad and make the dish in your kitchen.


There are apps available out their which allows restaurants to upload their Menu and accept the orders for takeaway or home delivery. Payment is processed online some apps even let you know the real time information how far you food is. This shows how technology has made easier to eat out. Another example of this is you can do the online booking in the restaurant you want to go in advance and confirm instantly with the help of app. By using social media or technology the world has come closer now.

With the help of social media you can discover new places to eat in you nearby places and choose it by reading reviews of food critics or food bloggers about that restaurant and by considering the ratings the restaurant got. Even there are various kinds of cuisines available, the international barrier has broken down and people now are ready to try everything. Social media has definitely made the world considerably smaller. Now food is no longer just a Fuel for body; it has become a currency that can be traded online for social status.



Eating food is a time when people come together to celebrate life, culture and human relations. Food always connects us to one another. People share their food online. To be active on social media is the need of an hour and social media tools like instagram helps does that.

They post the pictures of their food over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the use of various hastags like “#foodporn”. Food porn is one such powerful metaphor. It is used on various social media platforms for captioning delicious and visually appealing food. Posting it online is about being seen to be a person on social media who has exciting experiences.



When we share food on social media, we’re deliberately inviting other people to participate in our eating experience. When people are clicking photos of their food and posting it on their social media profiles they are helping the restaurant to gain great word of mouth publicity. Social media provides a platform for influence. The Food Critics and the Food Bloggers also helps in the publicity of a restaurant and influence the customers.

There are food bloggers and food critics, who visit different restaurants, taste different cuisines. They check the presentation of the dish, the service offered by staff, restaurants ambiance, cleanliness and more importantly the Taste of the food. After examining all this they write the reviews about restaurant and rate them based on their overall experience and post the images of their luscious food online on their respected blog or a website. Those reviews help the consumer as well as restaurant.

If the review is good then it gives restaurant great publicity and it also helps customer to choose the restaurant wisely based on the reviews and the ratings.

The food technology sector is growing continuously and the food communication on social media has definitely changed our approach towards the food.Because of the reviews, blogs and photos of lip-smacking food dishes online, people have so many choices and recommendations and they are choosing the restaurant and the food based on those recommendations, because of that so many people are open to try out different types of cuisines. We can certainly say that our Food Culture has become digitized.


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