Social Media’s Impact on Relationships

Social Media’s Impact on Relationships

Society is influenced by social media in numerous ways. With the revolution of social media, we have becoming so dependent on it. Social Media is for Social Interactions. With the help of social media people can stay in touch with friends and relatives worldwide, they can chat, message, share photos, stories, information. Social Media today has changed the way of human communication as well as human relations. On social media people share personal information and communicate with each other. 


Today people find social media sites more convenient to communicate rather than communicating face-to-face. Use of Social Media has certainly affected the social and interpersonal relationships. On Social Media platforms such as facebook, twitter etc. there are billions of users who are using these sites. It opens up a whole world to communicate and connect with anyone. This helps to build the digital interpersonal or social relationship. In them, users create profiles with their personal information through that they can communicate. Talking about interpersonal relationships there are so many online relationships out there which are made because of social media. But there is a lot of chance that the person you are in relationship with online is as real as they are in real life. The information seen on the profile of any user can be false and misleading.

Social media has definitely changed how relationships work these days, whether it is a personal relationship or business relationship or etc. Because of social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook etc. a person is constantly in touch or communicating with everyone. One has to create the right balance of relationship online and offline. These platforms may have helped build the relationships or spoil it, but it has definitely affected relationships one way or the other.

Talking about personal/romantic relationship people has found their Love, Life Partners online on social media. Social media has brought people together. Many have praised social media to find new relationships. For some relationships social media is great platform to show their affection and create a virtual relationship. There are also many websites and apps available for dating online and it is a good way to meet new friends or lovers. Social media has helped turning these virtual relationships into the relationships in practical world. But it has certainly had some worse effects on relationships too.

In an interpersonal relationships there is a new threat called “Facebook Jealousy”. Where people in relation can watch what their partner is doing on facebook, and a friend request, personal message or a comment from an Ex can be a huge problem. The other example for the cause of huge problems in a personal relationship is the use of Whatsapps and similar apps, where people are always on their phone chatting, sending messages. They are always into it, there is absolutely no communication happening and this has parted people from each other.

In the olden days, the most efficient method of communicating was through mailing letters, which took days to get to that person. Now however, you are just one click away and messages can be sent in a matter of seconds. We’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of social media on relationships.


The reach of social media is global, and the technology opens up the possibilities of communication. It is now possible to keep in touch with the friends, family or anyone, no matter how far they are from you. A Simple Skype call can bring people closer when they can’t physically see each other or a text through facebook, whatsapp or any other existing apps that helps us to be in touch with anyone anywhere in the world. Another way how social media has enhanced how we interact, is simply being on social media. An employer can check what kind of a person their new employee is by checking its social media pages. By using social media we can connect to a CEO of Fortune 500 company on LinkedIn. A few of the best aspect on social media is it is new, innovative and it gives easier way to connect with others.


We’ve seen that social media is used to enhanced the relationships. But it also has its dark side. It can not only bring people together, but also drive apart people from each other. People are hyper connected; they never take a single moment to disconnect. It has become very difficult to keep or separate the private life from business life. An actual interpersonal relation requires one to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with another person. The networked life people chose allows them to hide from each other; even they are tied to each other.

The social media has caused people to become absent in their present real world, they are investing large amount of time and energy in a conceptual area virtual world. People have their personal information on social media which can damage the privacy and one can lose the control on their information. People are using their smartphones, iPads, to surf through their facebook feed, sending messages on whatsapp anywhere, even at their workplace. Even in families people are using whatsapp to communicate with each other and everyone is always online on social media which is not good.

In summary, we have discussed how social media impact on the relationships. Because of social network physical and digital world will get more connected. Even though it is changing how relationships get affected by social media people should consider doing these things to avoid the effects.

  • People should limit the time they spend on social network to keep their mind getting distracted.
  • Too much use of social media can make you negative, you have to get disconnected from being online and going offline to observe you own reactions and emotions.
  • There will always be people greater than you or less than you, but you should not compare yourself too often to others.
  • The need to connect with people face-to-face is much necessary than connecting them online, so you have to maintain the balance between your online and offline life.

Lastly,on a closing note,your mobile has already replaced your watch, camera, calendar and alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your life.

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