South Indian cuisine includes the cuisines of the five southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

The similarities among the five states cuisines include the presence of rice as a staple food, the use of lentils and spices, dried red chilies and fresh green chilies, coconut and native fruits and vegetables including tamarind, plantain, snake gourd, garlic and ginger. The four cuisines have much in common and differ primarily in the spiciness of the food.

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, south and coastal Karnataka and most parts of Andhra Pradesh use more rice. People also consume ragi in large quantities in southern Karnataka. North Karnataka on the other hand consumes more bajra and sorghum, while the Telangana state uses more jowar and pearl milet. Consumption of rice is more common among certain Brahmin communities.

South Indian breakfast

South Indian breakfast dishes are the simplest, easy to prepare, delicious and stomach filling. They provide all the necessary vitamins; nutrients and minerals that one require to happily kick start the day. Eating healthy, nutritious and simple breakfast makes you truly energetic and keeps you healthy. Breakfast is considered the most important mainly as they may not like the dish prepared or on dieting.

Idli is a south Indian savory round cake popular throughout India. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a better consisting of fermented black lentils and rice.

Mendu vada is an urad dal based fried snack, a delightful dish from the south Indian cuisine. For preparing this dish, the urad dal is socked, ground together with spices and deep fried until golden brown. It is served with coconut chutney. This dish is a lentil sarvoury shaped like doughtnuts, a south Indian breakfast.

Dahl vada is a popular Indian chaat, prepared by soaking vadas in thick dahi. The hot deep fried vadas are the first socked in water and tnen transferred to thick beaten yogurt. These are great as a side dish for a formal dinner.


Dosa and other dosa varieties are popular south Indian breakfast that is made in most south Indians homes. It is made with rice, urad dal. Dosa in generally served with coconut chutney or milagai podi.
Pesaratu green gram dosa is a popular Andhra breakfast dish which actually means an Attu made from pesara pappu. It is a lentil based pancake served as a best breakfast dish with coconut chutney.

Mix veg multi dal adai cheese dosa is one of the best foods suited for kids and it is always a hit with the little tots and makes this adais as a reward to your kids.

Poori is a round, puffed unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, commonly eaten for breakfast or as a light meal; usually served with a delicious curry or bhaji.

Vegetable semiya upma is a popular south Indian breakfast dish made with vermicelli, vegetable and mildly spiced with green chilies.

South Indian Lunch ideas
1.Lemon rice

Lemon is helps control blood pressure purifies blood. Lemone rice is one of the easiest and quickest rice variety and a great lunch box dish too. Most of the kids love lemon rice with potato fry.

2.Hydrabadi biryani

A hydrabadi specialty, this one’s must-try , meat cooked with biquant spices, curd, butter and saffron, tossed in semi cooked rice and garnished with cucumbers.

3.Paal payasam

That’s what this payasam is all about. A sweet end to a perfect meal. A delicious rice and milk pudding with cashews and raisins.

4.Gonguru mamsam

Cinnamon, cardmom, onions, mind-blowing gongura leaves, garlic, chili and some chopped coriander will give you a cracker of a dish – gongura meat curry.

5.Vangi bath

Vangi bath recipe with homemade vangi bath powder. Vangi bath is unique tasting brinjal rice recipe from Karnataka cuisine. It is popular in south India like tawa pulao in Mumbai. It is easy to make as easy as even bachelors can make it.

Most cooked south Indian recipes


6.Wheat dosa

Wheat dosa recipe is made using whole wheat flour or atta. A quick instant atta dosa recipe to make a healthy breakfast or a meal with some easy chutney. This recipe yield crispy dosas and it can be used to make wheat uttapam as well. To get the thin and crisp texture little rice flours is.

7.Buttermilk sambhar

This buttermilk based sambhar imparts a tangy flavor, and tastes even better if topoed off with a tantalizing tadka.


A handful of ingredients is all you need to create these magical, fluffy appams. With a soft and thick centre and a paper thin exterior, you can lap up any curry with these lovely appams.

9.Vada recipe

Garelu, uddina vade, ulundhu vadai are other south Indian names to these round disc shaped fritters made of lentils like urad dal or chana dal. These are one of the very popular south Indian foods especially served for breakfast or snack in street stalls and tifin centers.

10.Ven pongal

Rice and lentils, cooked and tempered with cumin and a dollop of ghee give birth to this traditional south Indian breakfast.

11.Mango pickle

Mango pickle is one of the most commonly made condiments in Indian homes. Each region has a different style or way making it. Avakaya is a popular pickle variety from Andhra cuisine, a cuisine well-known for its hot & spicy foods.

12.Chalkli recipe

Chakli and murukku are the terms used synonymously to mention a spiral shaped snack that is deep fried. Each family may have their own recipe of chakli and murukku to suit their taste. The most common kind of south.


13.Meen murringakka curry

A saerdine fish curry made with tamarind, coconut, shallots and red chillis. Served with steamed rice, this dish is absolutely sensational.

14.Manglorean prawn curry

Prawns cooked in coconut oil and dunked in spicy tamarind gravy, manglorean style.

15.Kerala mutton stew

Succulent chunks of mutton simmered in delicate southern flavors of coconut milk, curry leaves, cinnamon etc.

16.Chicken chettinad

This one of the best chicken recipes you may have tried yet. Bring some magic to your plate with chicken cooked in some peppery authentic chettinad paste laced with coconut and onions.

17.Egg curry

Egg are one of the most proteins rich and nutrient dense foods that most of us love to include in our diet regularly. Rice and roti are the staples in many Indian homes and hence we opt to make egg curry often.

18.Chicken fry

A dry chicken recipe popularly known as kodi vepudu or chicken vepudu in Andhra restaurant is quite a common dish that is prepared in most Andhra homes. There could be many variations of preparing this dish based on the region. I have tasted many variety of chicken fry among.

South Indian Dinner recipes

Dinnertime is special. This is when we finally get to unwind after a hectic day to enjoy a wholesome meal with family or friends.

1.Malabar fish biryani

This classic malbar fish biryani is a dinnertime treat. Enjoy the delicious taste of this ever charming dish made with aromatic spices and seer fish.


A spicy and lip smacking dish where steamed rice is tossed with a tangy tamarind based pulikacchal masala along with crunchy peanuts.

3.Bendakaya pulusu

Okra in tamarind gravy or bendakaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. Okra is fried in mustard seeds and soaked in a rich tamarind sauce that makes it sour and tangy.

4.Korri gassi

A delectable chicken curry with the flavors of coconut, coconut milk and tamarind.

5.Avail with kerala red rice

Avial is a traditional south Indian dish from Kerala. A thick of vegetable like drumsticks, potatoes and carrots are cooked in coconut oil and mustard seeds. Serve it with red rice.

6.Bisi bele bhaat

Bisi bele bhaat is a traditional dish from Karnataka made with rice, lentils, vegetable and coconut. It is similar to a khichadi.

Finally,South Indian food can be quick and easy to cook. Not all need laborious efforts with enormous varieties of spices and ingredients. Some home style dishes can be prepared with just a handful of ingredients.

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