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Best Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow

Best Fitness Blogs for you to follow..to stay in Shape!!

To Stay Fit is what everybody wants. But achieving and maintaining fitness is a common problem faced by many. Because most of us tend to fall off the track every once in a while and do not focus. That’s why fitness enthusiasts like you and me need the help of experts to stay focused and motivated and do not lose track of the activities. And to do that, you must follow the best fitness blogs on the internet – like...Read More


Do you know these..7 Tips For A Long And Healthy Life??

As good as modern medical technology is, it can never save you from the problems caused by a life style that is unhealthy. Instead of getting a modern medical fix for every problem, it is far better to live in such a way that you will hardly ever fall ill. Always, prevention is certainly better than a pound of cure. Here are seven tips on how to live a long and healthy life. In addition, the same life style that...Read More

Check out these..7 Winter Exercise Tips for Busy People

7 Winter Exercise Tips for Busy People INTRODUCTION   Many people find summer exercise easy, because there are so many fun activities available when it’s warm outside.  But if you live in the North, you might find exercise during the winter much more difficult.  I refuse to run outdoors when it’s very cold, the road is icy, or the snow banks have narrowed the road significantly.  But I also refuse to hibernate, since exercise helps improve your immune system to...Read More

Checkout.. These 15 Surefire Ways To Cure Insomnia While Sleeping Less

15 Surefire Ways To Cure Insomnia While Sleeping Less INTRODUCTION Seems like you never get enough rest even after sleeping long hours? You would know part of the reasons for this fatigue, as you suffer from insomnia. But the other part on waking up tired even after a good long sleep eludes you. Most of us get less than the 8 hours of sleep per night that research shows we need to function at our peak. As a result, we are at...Read More


5 QUICK STRESS BUSTERS INTRODUCTION Ever wish a stress superhero could save you from traffic jams, chaotic meetings, or a toddler’s tantrums? Well, you can be your own stress-busting superhero. Everybody has the power to reduce the impact of stress as it’s happening and stay in control when the pressure builds. Like any skill, learning how to squash stress in the moment takes time, experimentation, and practice, but the payoff is huge. When you know how to quickly relieve stress,...Read More