How Technology has changed the Computers


Challenges of companies to achieve a digital transformation


Technology has changed our lives by increasing the speed of time. We were human. We invented and developed the technologies to change our life to its best. Now that technology is changing our life every second.

How computer technology changes our lives.

Computers have evolved over the years from the static mainframe computers to the portable modern computers that we use today. Modern computers are both electronic and digital, and consist of the actual machinery such as wires circuits and transistors –these are referred to as hardware, and the data and instructions that are fed into the computer which are collectively referred to as software.

1.Change the way we work

  • The development of new technology, automation might happen a lot faster than before. Automation is reshaping workplaces and will in years to come bring fundamental changes to almost every industry.
  • Highly repetitive and mundane tasks will be automated, and give humans more time to focus on creative and interesting tasks. He sees robots as a tool to increase performance and productivity, and eliminate the mind crushing, boring tasks that many workers deal with every day.

2. Help us solve global challenges

  • According to the Google boss it is only our own creativity and innovation that limits the possible use of computer technology. Climate change is one area in which he envisions that technology can help, by using computers to help increase energy efficiency.
  • He also envisions a large role of technology in healthcare by directing the resources to more accurate healthcare solutions and the use of robots in medical research.

3. Digitalisation of everything

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  • No one can afford not to digitise services, according to Schmidt. Claiming that he discusses the issue of how to digitize every single day, Schmidt says that the question is no longer ‘do we need it?’ but ‘how do we achieve it?’
  • He believes that digitization is the only way forward, whether it is a business or a government, and that there has to be a plan (at the very least) to digitize services.

4.The Importance of Computers to People

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  • Computers changed our lives Introduction Large businesses now mostly depend on computers to stay competitive, they not only save time and effort, but sometimes they are used to do very complexes application that are necessary to this business.
  • More and more companies have there own “Web Page” on the net. Some use the Internet only to display information about there business.
  • Today, computers and new Innovation like the internet has changed the business world and even our daily lives.

4. Machines teaching themselves

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  • The past five years have been the years of the mobile, yet according to Schmidt the next generation is machine learning – i.e., the use of machine intelligence to make the mobile smarter.
  • Instead of programming a computer, you teach a computer to learn something and it does what you want.
  • Making the devices smarter is key, as their role in society is becoming increasingly important. He illustrated this by pointing out that smartphones are an increasingly important tool in all professions.

Can Smart Devices replace Desktop computers in Future?

  • Smart devices such as smart phones, tabs, PDAs etc.
  • Desktop computers include PCs, laptops etc.
  • As we are observing that technology is rapidly transforming and moving towards the era of Internet of Things, mega size computing machines are now contracted to the size of an insect. A new debate has started.
  • As far as smart devices are concerned, they have captured major portion of our daily routine life. These devices are used in business for business efficiency, promote e-business and provide extra features as compared to desktop machines.
  • Desktop computers have their own importance it is because smart devices have some drawbacks.
  • Mostly smart devices have battery issue, they are not useful for late sitting projects. On the other side desktop computers have not such kind of issue, they are just plug and play.



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  • Future Computer technology patterns propose that humankind has not even started to take advantage of computational power and systems administration.Not very numerous years not far off individuals will drive their future auto inside their future city and after that backtrack to their future home and advise their future robots what should be finished.
  • Future Computer technology will keep on developing, transform and coordinate with one’s brainwaves and neurological being.
  • Future technology additionally direct that with your little technology gadget you’ll have the capacity to control the each move of your automated individual colleague.
  • hat as well as 10 years after this robots will go semi-holographic in that you’ll have the capacity to venture them when and where you need them and have them errands that they physically will have the capacity to in the genuine world.
  • Soon, remote technology and nanotechnology will have assumed control over the world.


(Liquid-crystal display)

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  • LCD displays are everywhere: on our phones, in our cars, on our tablets and in the workplace. The future is dependent upon the development and use of this technology, and the market for consumer, technical and manufacturing products that utilize these displays will only expand.

LCD Display Types

  • There are many different varieties of LCD displays, and you should choose a product with a display that meets your needs.
  • If you are manufacturing products with LCD display modules, you should be aware that not all LCDs are created equal.
  • Some have better functionality, some have better power usage, and some are less expensive.


         Very Common LCD applications:                     General Applications of LCD’s:

I. Calculators                                                                                           i).Computer Monitors (Computer Screens)

II.Watches                                                                                                ii).Instrument Panels

III.Clocks                                                                                                  iii).Televisions

IV.Telephones                                                                                          iv).Aircraft cockpit displays


Parts of Liquid Crystal Display:

Image result for POLIZERS LCD

LCD Panel is generally sandwiched between “Rear” and “Top” polarizer’s.

  • Polarizer main function is to improve the color and obviously making it possible to see the screens of LCD’s.So if we remove polarizer’s from LCD’s then undoubtedly it would be impossible to identify the letters or graphics and everything.



  •    There are three main categories of panel used on modern LCD monitors; TN, VA and IPS-type. TN is currently the most prevalent, offering decent image performance and high responsiveness at a decent price.
  • VA sacrifices responsiveness, generally being the slowest current panel type but offer excellent contrast and improvements in colour performance over TN technologies. IPS, PLS and AHVA are the kings of colour offering the most consistent and accurate performance in this area whilst sporting excellent viewing angles, respectable responsiveness and reasonable contrast.
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